NOTE: Reigning Grace Ranch is currently closed for the summer due to expansion! We will be taking reservations for mentoring sessions in September so check back often for updates. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Mission Statement: REDEEM the Horse and Child; STRENGTHEN the Family; DISCOVER the Spirit. To strengthen children and families through the learning of core values, honor, discipline and respect; and most importantly discovering hope for the family through the way of the horse. Powerful stuff for a little horsin’ around!

The horse is powerful, beautiful and strong. It is honest and present in the moment. The lesson from a horse is that they will never forget where they have come from but they don’t carry the burden into the present because it would endanger the herd.

At Reigning Grace Ranch, we believe in second chances. We believe that if a spirit is placed in the right environment, given love and the correct attention necessary for growth, it will blossom into a successful member of our society.

What makes our program unique is that most of the 35-40 horses that live on the ranch have been rescued from violent abuse or life threatening neglect themselves. These extraordinary horses each have their own stories of triumph and hope.

By placing these rehabilitated horses in partnership with children and families that are also trying to heal from a traumatic event in their life, magic happens!

This is why this partnership of the redeemed horse and human is beautiful. It just works!