THe FOunders

By the grace of God I go, seems to be the mantra by which these two live their lives.

Christopher and Amanda founded Reigning Grace Ranch in 2009.

Together they have over 20 years of experience working with children, teenagers and horses.

Christopher and Amanda Moore met when they were just 12 years old.  Both traveled the country as professional competitive dancers, they became dance partners and a true friendship blossomed.  The rest is history!

Amanda Moore, started her career as a Secondary Education Teacher in the Deer Valley Unified School District.  There, she taught for 10 years in the areas of Theatre, Stage Production and Language Arts. In tandem, she and Christopher created an after school theatre arts program in the community, The Vaudeville Youth Theatre Company, to incorporate children ages 5-19 into the performing arts.  Just as Amanda & Christopher now do with the ranch, they had a tremendous impact, as their standard of excellence bred confidence and expression in the lives of the kids they touched.

Once Amanda resigned from the public education system she began searching for other ways to make a positive impact in tomorrow’s future.  Kids.

So how on earth do you go from theatre to playing with horses?

By the grace of God I go, seems to be the mantra by which these two live their lives.  As the years passed, economical changes and new experiences forced a new way of life. The couple found themselves in a place where they were growing apart and the financial strains of Christopher owning an IT company through the recession began to strain the marriage.

They had both grown up with horses and decided that in order to find what was really important again, get back to their organic roots, they would get back into the world of horses in hopes of healing a marriage.   Shiloh and Patience, two Tennessee walking horse mares joined the Moore family in 2008.

They began to see daily miracles happen around these two divine animals. The grace in these magnificent angels became quite evident. Beautiful lessons were being taught about hope, love, perseverance, and about being authentic to what really matters in life. Soon after Patience and Shiloh entered into their lives, Legato, Lady and Aria made their horse family complete.  Deciding to move from the city, Amanda and Christopher made the move to the Rio Verde Foothills area of North Scottsdale. In 2009, they began to feel a calling to minister to youth again, incorporating the association of these majestic horses.

With much prayer, pondering, and hard work, Reigning Grace Ranch was born.

After the rescue and rehabilitation of several neglected horses (65 to be exact), Christopher and Amanda soon became a witness to what these amazing animals can do in a child’s life— change it profoundly! Together, Christopher and Amanda have been led on a crusade to redeem neglected, abused and slaughter bound horses and pair them with disadvantaged youth and families to mend broken hearts and instill hope.