Redemption, Strength & Discovery


At Reigning Grace Ranch, we believe in second chances.  We believe that if a spirit is placed in the right environment, given love and the correct attention necessary for growth, it will blossom into a successful member of our society.

With horses, it is no different.

Often time’s horses come to the ranch with prior stories.  Sometimes these stories follow the horse allowing for their humans to judge or make assumptions, often negatively.  The horse is painted in the light of someone else’s perception and this story will decide the fate of that horse.  Often times, this story is disastrous and ends tragically.

When we rescue a horse, we want very little of the horse’s history.  Sure, we ask for any information that may help us to rehabilitate the animal but no story to assume.  To rehabilitate means to restore to its original state; not to carry the baggage of the past regardless of what it is or was.

Horses are prey animals, they are not predators and therefore think very differently from their human counterpart.  Horses are also extremely social and family oriented.  In a herd, a horse’s life depends on his relationship with the family.  In a herd there is acceptance, discipline and confidence required to be a member.  They are extraordinary communicators, and for a human to be in the presence of the herd is very beneficial for that human.     

Placing these rehabilitated horses in partnership with children and families that are trying to heal from a traumatic event in their life is magical.  The horse is powerful, beautiful and strong.  It is honest and present in the moment and the lesson from a horse is that they will never forget where they have come from but they don’t carry the burden into the present because it would endanger the herd.

This is why this partnership of the redeemed horse and human is beautiful.  It just works!

Reigning Grace Ranch horses come from various situations such as rescue, donation, sanctuary and rehoming due to financial strain.


Why is it so important to strengthen our children?

Our children are our future. Every child deserves to be loved and children deserve to play no matter what their story or age.

To allow a child to grow into a functional and productive member of society they need confidence. They need to know that they are worthy, that they are loved, that they belong and that they matter. They need to know that their decisions make an impact on those around them and that they are responsible and need to be accountable for those decisions.

Here at Reigning Grace Ranch, we base all of our mentorship object lessons around traditional values such as:

Communication • Responsibility • Decision Making • Self-Awareness • Patience • Hope • Focus • Coping Skills • Leadership • Compassion • Kindness • Teamwork • Love • Respect • Accountability • Family • Honesty • Openness

We believe in meeting our children and teens right where they are. We foster play in a loving, safe environment.

We heard a child once say, “at the ranch, the world is not allowed in.” That broke our hearts on so many levels but it also created a joy in us that the child was experiencing something so different that there was and could be another side of this world if they chose to live it.

At Reigning Grace Ranch we mentor a wide variety of children and teens from divorce, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, high functioning autism, MMR, social awkwardness, the list goes on.

Today, our mentorship program at the ranch is in duration of 9 weeks long, 90-minute sessions, once a week with an assigned volunteer mentor, horse and child. Although Reigning Grace utilizes horses for the mentorship program, we are NOT an equitation program. The children learn how to ride if this is something they desire but there are a wide variety of activities that we do at the ranch that don’t include the horses.


The natural world of a horse is based on relationship. These relationships for a horse hold the herd together and assure survival.  The family unit must have feelings of trust, respect and confidence in the leader and a connectedness that is always present within the family unit. A family that plays together stays together.  Not much difference from us humans?

At Reigning Grace Ranch, we believe that the Family unit is essential and critical for not only our horses but our humans as well.  We want to bring families together in an environment that promotes teamwork, love, respect and leadership.  We want to celebrate the family unit and teach life skills that can be taught directly by our herd of horses. Here we can learn how to play as a family, set clear boundaries, show respect for each other, set realistic expectations and goals.   We want to approach these sensitive areas in a safe place, where the world is not allowed in.

Reigning Grace Ranch has spent the last 7 years developing our rescue program and children’s program. We are now embarking on the program to create Hope for the family!

For more information please contact or call 480.466.2154.